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To fear Bernie Sanders socialism is to fear 20th century America


America in the 20th century was a proud social democracy. It can be hard to put history in perspective when politics in America have been pushed – inch by inch – toward extremism by a two-party system running in the same direction.

That direction is the Gilded Age, the America of the late 1800s. The Gilded Age is a term Mark Twain coined meaning a glittering surface with a rotting core – sound familiar? It was America’s closest brush with fascism. An authoritarian age of mass injustice and political corruption, robber barons bought off politicians ensuring a miserable existence and short life-span for the average worker.

This led to bloody strikes and the labor movement. America overcame this period of unregulated greed with common-sense regulation and the New Deal, leading to a social democratic America caring about the quality of life of citizens. Things like Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, and the GI Bill all poured from that same fountain. America changed and the world changed with it.


Where are we now? What has America become? We now have a mass media misinforming the public, labeling the ideas of 20th century America: radical, extremist, socialist, communist, nazi. Like a soviet propaganda machine, this media charade is puppeteered by robber barons, just like during our more primitive gilded age.

The truth is, a complex organized society needs elements of socialism. Without this the law of the jungle prevails, and socialism comes anyway in other forms. Corporate socialism has become increasingly prevalent and authoritarian as the 21st century advances, and may even be called a defining feature.

The excuses given for 20th century America being ripped away – under the feet of the working class and poor – is presented as economic efficiency; They say it costs too much money.

What, then, is the gain? In this age of under-regulated greed, most Americans seem to be poorer in both wallet and spirit. There’s no real economic reason to repeal the New Deal. Its just a hit-job, perpetrated by ever more radical politics forced on us by merciless 21st century robber barons: American fascism.

The story of the 20th century was the story of the triumph of American social democracy.


A vote for Hillary is a vote for George W. Bush


The Democratic party is about fighting for workers and the middle class, right? They are the defenders of the vulnerable in our society, and they stand against corporate extremism, right?

Wrong, not this Democratic establishment.

It was Bill Clinton, perhaps more than any recent president, who helped make oligarchy a reality. Clinton deregulated the financial industry, and deregulated media to allow consolidated ownership in the hands of a few big players. We all know how that turned out for the American people.

After the disastrous results of these policies – policies farther to the right than Reagan – the Democrats learned from their mistakes and went back to their social democratic roots, right?

Not at all, just look at Obama’s record.

Obama extended the same policies pursued by the Bush administration. Stagnant wages continue, and destructive trade deals which decimate the middle class continued as Obama signed each and ever one put before him. Obamacare empowers big insurance over patients. Too-big-to-fail is bigger and more powerful than ever. No word about concentrated media from Obama, but apparently he supports illegal spying on every single American. Is this the leadership of a liberal democrat?

The same advisors under Bush kept the same policies running under Obama; We can expect the same from Hillary. The current democratic establishment are neoliberals, not social democrats. Neoliberalism is a far right wing ideology, unspoken and hidden from the official platform of any campaign, yet the guiding ethic of both political parties. They lie to the faces of their constituency, promising progress they never intend to deliver. Big money controls both parties. They win, we lose, every time.

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, the entire current democratic establishment seem to agree with the views of George W. Bush. Its a case of listen to what they do, not what they say.

So what does the average American do, seeing their lives trickle-down while the gains of our society trickle-up? If one’s stuck choosing between Clinton and Bush, there just isn’t enough difference between them.