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Joe Biden not a populist. Then what’s he for?


In response to the Bernie Sanders campaign, Joe Biden recently came out saying “I am not a populist” to distance himself from it.

Oh no say it isn’t so Joe, because if you’re not a populist, then what do you stand for? If Biden disagrees with populism, then who is he working for exactly as vice president?

Economic populism is what the American people voted for when they put Obama and Biden in the White House. Economic populism is what shaped America in the 20th century. Economic populism prompted “we the people” to declare independence from British Monarchy. The French Revolution… that was serious economic populism.

Our vice president Joe Biden stands against all that.

It would seem his ‘i’m not that guy’ statement is part of the effort to portray Sanders as unrealistic and extremist. I guess for those who’s good fortune depends on plutocracy over the public interest, then economic populism is a very scary thing indeed.

Biden has a history of being seen by critics as too cozy with credit card companies during his 36 year tenure in the senate, credit being a powerful force in his home state of Delaware. Biden has backed bills designed to make it harder for Americans to reduce the burden of student debt.

Biden was put in charge of a special Middle Class Task Force by president Obama as soon as they took office. Since Biden isn’t a populist, there would appear to be a conflict of interest.

Haven’t heard much about Biden’s Middle Class Task Force since he was put in charge of it 7 years ago, in fact the Obama administration has seen further erosion of the middle class by the same policies pursued by their predecessors the Bush administration.

We can expect to see Bernie Sanders ganged-up on and portrayed as an unelectable extremist. Out-of-touch and unrealistic for even wanting to push in the direction of populism. A direction the democrats, republicans and big media are all dead set against, including Joe Biden.


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