Hillary hijacks the Bern


If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em… or in the case of Hillary Clinton, hijack ’em till you get the vote.

With the polls heading in one direction, and the debates around the corner, Hillary finally seems to be taking Bernie Sanders seriously and her strategy reflects this – she suddenly agrees with the Bern, and she’s taking charge.

The strategy of portraying Sanders as a radical seems to have been abandoned, as Hillary recently came out against Obama’s anti-worker trade deals. Deals she was previously for… until the polls didn’t look so good.

Is Hillary genuine in her opposition? This is a bill she previously said “sets the gold standard in trade agreements.” After years of supporting her husband Bill Clinton and Obama in everything they stood for in trade policy, as of yesterday Hillary is flip-flopping. We’ve seen politicians con the public before, its as simple as the Obama campaign; Just play up to what people want now, then re-interpret in favor of corporate authority later.

Hillary’s put on a new face, who is the real Hillary?


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