The Bernie Sanders of 20th Century America


The 1930s were momentous years for America. During this period a series of reforms were put in place under the leadership of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, transforming life in America and radically changing the basic power imbalance between average citizens and big business interests. It took serious bravery to introduce socialism on this scale, and the world would never be the same.

Roosevelt had the crazy idea of doing something bold in the public interest, and he didn’t care if the wealthy business interests of the time liked it or not.

It was a great period of government working in the best interest of the public. It was the same kind of socialism Bernie Sanders is campaigning on.


It was called the New Deal and it brought stability not only to the lives of ordinary people, but also to capitalism itself. No longer was our financial system hostage to greed and excess, or the catastrophic boom and bust cycles of the reckless past. The New Deal and other bold reforms saved capitalism from itself.

The New Deal brought humanity to an inhuman system of numbers and gross inequality, ushering change not only for America, but for the entire democratic world, which consequently moved into a hybrid system of capitalism and socialism. The 20th century was the American century.


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