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Reasons why it’s better if Trump beats Hillary for Progressives

Hillary is the candidate of choice for the establishment and directly on the payroll of big-business lobby interests. Trump, although not at true populist, is still an outsider candidate, mostly self-funded and feared by the establishment.

A Hillary victory rewards and justifies election rigging, no correction for the Democratic party.

Clinton’s re-election campaign. Hillary is an 8 year commitment that will be up for re-election in 2020 against yet another Republican. A Trump presidency makes 2020 another chance to elect a better Democrat than Hillary.

The entire House of Representatives and 33/100 Senate seats are up for re-election in 2018. Hillary guarantees they stay Republican just like under Obama. ‘Sanders Democrats’ running for office have a better chance to rise during a Trump presidency than Hillary. Trump forces the Democratic party to become more progressive more quickly.

Trump is to the left of Hillary on foreign policy. Hillary, a bigger war hawk than Trump, is the candidate of choice for the military industrial complex. Clinton’s record on foreign policy is not a good one.

Trump is to the left of Hillary on trade and has always been against destructive trade deals like TPP. Hillary called TPP the “gold standard” and has supported every trade deal since NAFTA.

Trump has repeatedly said he won’t touch Social Security. If truthful, he is a welcome leftward push for the Republican party. Hillary is another Obama, and Obama tried to cut Social Security using the Chained-CPI under the guise of it being merely an adjustment.

“They should have run Sanders, they lost because of Clinton.” -vs- “America just isn’t ready for Sanders Socialism.. Hillary was the pragmatic, correct choice.” We want people to think the former, not the latter.

A Hillary win means the progressive vote will continue to be taken for granted. Bernie or Bust support will be laughed at if Hillary wins.

If Trump loses to Clinton, the Republicans go back to being the party of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. The populist uprising will be defeated on both sides of the aisle by establishment hero Hillary Clinton.

A Clinton loss means an end to the Clinton/Bush era.

President Hillary Clinton will spend the next 8 years marginalizing and purging anything to do with Bernie Sanders from the party, as the DNC survives under her leadership. A Trump victory means the Democratic party becomes progressive fast, or dies.



3 thoughts on “Reasons why it’s better if Trump beats Hillary for Progressives

  1. This is a striking analysis, and as a fellow banned Kos diarist (get this.. Markos Moulitsas said “I wasn’t funny” when I posted a pro-Bernie diary on his site that mocked the “pivot” he made just before Bernie won 9 in a row) … I would offer that a recent essay by J. Halle seems to back up the research here. It’s an essay, co authored by Noam Chomsky , on the problem of voting for the lesser of two evils… – if I could quote from it.. “Voting should not be viewed as a form of personal self-expression or moral judgement directed in retaliation towards major party candidates who fail to reflect our values, or of a corrupt system designed to limit choices to those acceptable to corporate elites.” … I would like to offer that at time of writing (6/18/16) I am happy that Bernie is still in the race, and the upcoming wikileaks on HRC should be a game changer, so I’m not worried about voting for Trump and the tactic that the news media entertainers (who , gauging from the hack last week of the DNC were completely on Hillary’s payroll) employ to get me to vote for Hillary because “She is not Donald Trump” is not working on me at all. I feel strongly you’ve found a better place here in medium, and I congratulate you for leaving Kos in the dust – I had known him since his crashing the gate days, and the callous disregard for progressivism he and his blog now display would have clearly blocked out this essay and he would have kept it from public view. Your essay was well thought out, and sobering. Thank you. You may want to look up Chomsky/Halle “Eight Points” for LEV if you want to go further, it seems to set a clear path from where you are heading . Good work.


  2. Nancy Nolan says:

    Completely agree with this assessment & have been coming to the same conclusions. Much as I would like bernie elected now, if he isn’t nominated, I’m voting for trump (gag) because of the stranglehold Clinton is along with the stinking corporate moguls.


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