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Reasons why it’s better if Trump beats Hillary for Progressives

Hillary is the candidate of choice for the establishment and directly on the payroll of big-business lobby interests. Trump, although not at true populist, is still an outsider candidate, mostly self-funded and feared by the establishment.

A Hillary victory rewards and justifies election rigging, no correction for the Democratic party.

Clinton’s re-election campaign. Hillary is an 8 year commitment that will be up for re-election in 2020 against yet another Republican. A Trump presidency makes 2020 another chance to elect a better Democrat than Hillary.

The entire House of Representatives and 33/100 Senate seats are up for re-election in 2018. Hillary guarantees they stay Republican just like under Obama. ‘Sanders Democrats’ running for office have a better chance to rise during a Trump presidency than Hillary. Trump forces the Democratic party to become more progressive more quickly.

Trump is to the left of Hillary on foreign policy. Hillary, a bigger war hawk than Trump, is the candidate of choice for the military industrial complex. Clinton’s record on foreign policy is not a good one.

Trump is to the left of Hillary on trade and has always been against destructive trade deals like TPP. Hillary called TPP the “gold standard” and has supported every trade deal since NAFTA.

Trump has repeatedly said he won’t touch Social Security. If truthful, he is a welcome leftward push for the Republican party. Hillary is another Obama, and Obama tried to cut Social Security using the Chained-CPI under the guise of it being merely an adjustment.

“They should have run Sanders, they lost because of Clinton.” -vs- “America just isn’t ready for Sanders Socialism.. Hillary was the pragmatic, correct choice.” We want people to think the former, not the latter.

A Hillary win means the progressive vote will continue to be taken for granted. Bernie or Bust support will be laughed at if Hillary wins.

If Trump loses to Clinton, the Republicans go back to being the party of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. The populist uprising will be defeated on both sides of the aisle by establishment hero Hillary Clinton.

A Clinton loss means an end to the Clinton/Bush era.

President Hillary Clinton will spend the next 8 years marginalizing and purging anything to do with Bernie Sanders from the party, as the DNC survives under her leadership. A Trump victory means the Democratic party becomes progressive fast, or dies.



Return of the Ladies Man


Former president Bill Clinton has resurfaced to campaign for Hillary, and so returns to the spotlight of a different America from the one he left. Bill represents an America now under scrutiny.

The return of Bill comes with a dirge of sex scandals, distractions from actual policy and relevant mostly to tabloids. My view is that taking the high road in regard to irrelevant scandals from pubic leaders leads to better policy. That being said, these scandals will become relevant in the hands of Donald Trump, the master media manipulator.

With Bill on the trail, this gave Trump a grand opportunity to unearth skeletons, and Donald dove right in using Clinton history to astounding effect. For days internet searches of either Clinton returned scandals and rape accusations. I have no doubt Donald will thrill his audience by bringing unwanted details to a live TV debate. He would be smart to do so, he knows the headlines would eat it up.


It doesn’t help that Hillary already has one hand tied behind her back, unable to target his biggest weakness, Trump’s populism. Hillary can call him racist and sexist, but this will only energize Trump’s base, his core populist appeal intact.

Far worse than any sex scandal, the betrayal of the American people by their own government is a legacy coming to the fore just as Bill stumps for Hill. Unlike side-show antics, these scandals are dead serious and affect the very nature of the American political system.

The problem isn’t that the Ladies Man swims in sex scandals, it’s that he cheated and betrayed the entire country to a group of Wall Street criminals.


With Bill Clinton, the rightward push of the Reagan years became America’s direction. Bill is the president who led us into oligarchy, when America lost real democracy in favor of organized money.

Bill Clinton’s legacy as a Third Way Democrat means a total break with FDR. The Democratic party became something sinister; Democrat on social issues but Republican on economy, regulation, safety nets, foreign policy, trade, privatization, on and on. The progressive agenda became a hollow sales pitch told to suckers and idiots, while the Democratic party moved directly into the enemy camp silently and without vote.

With a truly pro-business government, America’s new ruling class was set up to take the reigns of our entire political system. After Bill Clinton, the Democrat agenda followed the Republican agenda, the Republican agenda the Tea Party agenda. The same dark legacy from both political parties.

With the GOP being destroyed by Trump as they vote for him as their populist outsider, was it a bad idea for Hill to bring out Bill to stump, or is Hillary simply inevitable?



Hillary wins! Named most corrupt politician of 2015


She’s in a dead heat with Trump, loses to several Republicans in the polls, and can’t seem to shake that pesky Bernie Sanders, but nevermind the bad news, it’s time to score a win for Hillary: The nonpartisan watchdog group Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) named Hillary Clinton at the top of it’s worst ethics violators for 2015!

According to Matthew G. Whitaker, executive director of FACT:

“Elected officials are sent to Washington to follow and uphold the law and so they need to be held to the highest standard of ethics. Even the appearance of impropriety can quickly erode public trust, and Mrs. Clinton is in a league of her own.” said Whitaker. “We will continue to vigorously hold the lantern over unethical behavior so that we have a government that serves the public’s interest, not the self-interests of leaders who think they are beyond reproach.”

FACT cites “overwhelming evidence” that Clinton abused her official position as secretary of state, and is calling for various federal investigations focused on Clinton’s email scandal. According to FACT:

“Those emails remained hidden from the public until earlier this year when it was discovered that Secretary Clinton conducted government business on her private email server and a judge ultimately ordered that she turn over and the State Department release the emails.”

FACT says that according to some of those recently released communications, questions arose about whether Clinton gave special State Department access to a private mining company with ties to her son-in-law, investment banker and hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky. According to Whitaker:

“Her son-in-law received an email from a Goldman Sachs associate that had a representative invested in a company that had a business matter that the State Department is considering regarding deep sea mining. The business associate asked the son-in-law to forward an email. The son-in-law forwards it to Secretary of State Clinton and she forwards it to the State Department for folks to follow up on. Average everyday citizens don’t get that kind of access or the treatment he received.”

Clinton’s daughter Chelsea, who walked right into a high paying Wall Street job directly out of college, married Mezvinsky in 2010. This union has recently made Hillary an abuela. Mezvinsky is apparently a bad investor, losing millions on an incorrect assumption that Greece would have a quick economic recovery. That hasn’t stopped investors from giving Clinton’s son-in-law lots more play money, after all, according to the Free Beacon:

“But if you are a wealthy Democratic donor who places a high value on long-term political access to one of America’s most powerful families, Eaglevale is the fund for you. Wall Street tycoons are clearly ready for Hillary and there are few better ways to show that than by giving money to her son-in-law to play with. He might not be any good at it, but he does know someone who might live in the White House one day. At that’s where the real money gets made.”

That’s not all, the watchdog also cites similar corruption in her campaign:

“FACT has asked the IRS to investigate whether the Clinton Foundation broke federal law by making payments of nearly $350,000 to Hillary Clinton’s failed 2008 presidential campaign to rent Clinton’s email list after she failed to secure the Democratic nomination. The transaction came at a time the campaign was paying off debt, but Clinton’s ability to fundraise was limited by State Department ethics rules.”

It goes on:

“FACT asked the FEC to investigate illegal interactions between Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and her PAC, Ready for Hillary, over a Ready for Hillary email list with 4 million names which the Clinton campaign received. There is skepticism about the legitimacy of this list swap since Ready for Hillary is an independent Super PAC and Federal law explicitly prohibits a candidate from coordinating with and accepting donations, including an in-kind donation of a mailing list, from a super PAC.”

This notable an achievement from the Democratic front-runner could do much to help her stand out from the other candidates. With a winner like Hillary, the White House is in the bag.



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Expanding Social Security


For the last several years my Grandma, near age 90, has been living in a nursing home not far from where she used to live with her husband when he was still alive. The expense of the nursing home is more than both her pension and Social Security can pay for, so her house was sold and that money is going to her nursing home costs.

My Grandma has a regular visitor at the nursing home, a cousin she’s been friends with for many years who is near age 80. This friend didn’t make a lot of money, spent years as a stay-at-home mom, and it seems the men in her life were not always so good. Now that she’s past retirement age, she has to keep working because her Social Security is too low to live on. She’s had a tough life according to my Grandma, and now she’s having a tough old age. She’s been a loyal friend to my Grandma for many years and visits her regularly, keeping her company and bringing gifts.

You can see she lives in pain, as many at that age have to contend with arthritis and other things we can look forward to if we live long enough. Women tend to live longer than men, and for those who stay at home and raise a family, Social Security is often the only safety net to prevent total destitution should you outlive your economic usefulness. My Grandma’s friend works crappy jobs out of necessity for people who don’t really care to employ her. This woman is but one of many who fall through the cracks of an imperfect system.

Nearly every politician admits that the Social Security trust fund was raided and robbed. The Republican solution is to cut the program, the Democrat solution is to compromise with the Republicans.

Out of all the issues to come out in the Democratic campaign, my hope is that the expansion of Social Security will take the forefront. Programs like Social Security form the bedrock of a humane and civilized society, and only those who share this belief should be let anywhere near the engineering of such an important program.

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America’s Harvest of Death


2,977 Americans died as a result of the 9/11 terror attacks, 2,753 directly at the site of the World Trade Center.

4,750 Americans are estimated to have died following the 2008 Financial Crisis, statistics referred to as “excess suicide deaths.”

These excess deaths occurred based on a 4.5% rise in suicide following the Financial Crisis according to various studies, which all point to a direct cause-and-effect relationship. Since many deaths are not treated as actual suicides when they really are, this number is likely low.

The Subprime Mortgage Crisis at the heart of the financial meltdown was the result of predatory lending practices in the banking industry, an industry heavily deregulated under Clinton. Left to police itself, the financial industry spawned scam-mortgages targeting the unaware, sold by those who knew they were predatory. This practice was industry wide under the leadership and investment of executives in the finance industry; These barons of finance are affectionately known as the Masters of the Universe according to an inside joke.

This industry wide predatory scamming not only destroyed the lives of countless homeowners, but ended up devastating the world economy. Corporate socialists stepped in to save too-big-to-fail banks, but for everyone else it was survival of the fittest-of-money. The mass increase in suicide that followed the financial crisis, America’s Harvest of Death, was but one consequence of predatory economics.

The killers responsible for the tragedy of 9/11 were hunted down and smoked out of their holes. With the rise of two wars the figureheads of terror were destroyed, and years later at a compound in Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden paid the ultimate price and faced justice.

The killers of America’s second Gilded Age got off scot-free. The barons of finance are today enjoying unheard of wealth and power, fighting with all the might that wealth entitles them, pushing for ever more for themselves and ever slicker skids for the public. No wanted-dead-or-alive posters exist for these murderers, not with the degree of separation between killing methods and results.

For those who die under the wheels of Social Darwinism, America shrugs in silence and sweeps you under the rug.

The victims of the tragic 9/11 terror attacks have a gargantuan memorial in honor of their memory, each one’s name etched in stone. No memorial for the others.. but what can be said about them, from the foolish mortgage decision to the suicide, it was all their own fault anyway. Some people are heroes while others are zeros.


Good Cop Bad Cop – American 21st century politics

Good cops = Democrats. Bad cops = Republicans.

The good-cop bad-cop game is a police interrogation technique, but can be used in other areas where deceptive coercion is desired, like politics.

The idea is that the “bad cop” is out-of-control and threatening, aggressive towards you in getting what they want. You’re supposed to be afraid of the bad cop and what they might do.

The bad cop sets the stage for the “good cop.”

The good cop steps in and holds them back, sympathetic to you and protecting you from that dangerous bad cop. In fear of the bad cop you cooperate with the good cop.

The thing is, both cops are doing the same thing, and the good cop protection is only an illusion. In the case of American politics, both cops are paid for to keep you (the public) fooled and compliant, and always in fear of the bad cop, who keeps getting their way.

This is how things went down during the Obama presidency and the Grand Bargain. The Republicans demand something outrageous, they want to cut Social Security and disability payments, they want to cut SNAP nutrition for the poor, they want to destroy the New Deal and all public service programs to end the menace of socialism.

Obama grudgingly compromises with them, giving them half of what they want. The Republicans come back.. that crazy Tea-Party wing isn’t satisfied, they want more; If Obama compromises, they might be willing to finally work with the president. Obama once again gives them more of what they want, and the game continues.

Thank goodness we had a Democrat as president to hold back those scary bad cops.

In good-cop bad-cop politics, those looking to escape the bad cop vote for the good cop out of fear, believing the illusion, but in the end it’s all a game and the good cop and the bad cop are exactly the same.


The Bernie Sanders of 20th Century America


The 1930s were momentous years for America. During this period a series of reforms were put in place under the leadership of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, transforming life in America and radically changing the basic power imbalance between average citizens and big business interests. It took serious bravery to introduce socialism on this scale, and the world would never be the same.

Roosevelt had the crazy idea of doing something bold in the public interest, and he didn’t care if the wealthy business interests of the time liked it or not.

It was a great period of government working in the best interest of the public. It was the same kind of socialism Bernie Sanders is campaigning on.


It was called the New Deal and it brought stability not only to the lives of ordinary people, but also to capitalism itself. No longer was our financial system hostage to greed and excess, or the catastrophic boom and bust cycles of the reckless past. The New Deal and other bold reforms saved capitalism from itself.

The New Deal brought humanity to an inhuman system of numbers and gross inequality, ushering change not only for America, but for the entire democratic world, which consequently moved into a hybrid system of capitalism and socialism. The 20th century was the American century.