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Reasons why it’s better if Trump beats Hillary for Progressives

Hillary is the candidate of choice for the establishment and directly on the payroll of big-business lobby interests. Trump, although not at true populist, is still an outsider candidate, mostly self-funded and feared by the establishment.

A Hillary victory rewards and justifies election rigging, no correction for the Democratic party.

Clinton’s re-election campaign. Hillary is an 8 year commitment that will be up for re-election in 2020 against yet another Republican. A Trump presidency makes 2020 another chance to elect a better Democrat than Hillary.

The entire House of Representatives and 33/100 Senate seats are up for re-election in 2018. Hillary guarantees they stay Republican just like under Obama. ‘Sanders Democrats’ running for office have a better chance to rise during a Trump presidency than Hillary. Trump forces the Democratic party to become more progressive more quickly.

Trump is to the left of Hillary on foreign policy. Hillary, a bigger war hawk than Trump, is the candidate of choice for the military industrial complex. Clinton’s record on foreign policy is not a good one.

Trump is to the left of Hillary on trade and has always been against destructive trade deals like TPP. Hillary called TPP the “gold standard” and has supported every trade deal since NAFTA.

Trump has repeatedly said he won’t touch Social Security. If truthful, he is a welcome leftward push for the Republican party. Hillary is another Obama, and Obama tried to cut Social Security using the Chained-CPI under the guise of it being merely an adjustment.

“They should have run Sanders, they lost because of Clinton.” -vs- “America just isn’t ready for Sanders Socialism.. Hillary was the pragmatic, correct choice.” We want people to think the former, not the latter.

A Hillary win means the progressive vote will continue to be taken for granted. Bernie or Bust support will be laughed at if Hillary wins.

If Trump loses to Clinton, the Republicans go back to being the party of George W. Bush and Mitt Romney. The populist uprising will be defeated on both sides of the aisle by establishment hero Hillary Clinton.

A Clinton loss means an end to the Clinton/Bush era.

President Hillary Clinton will spend the next 8 years marginalizing and purging anything to do with Bernie Sanders from the party, as the DNC survives under her leadership. A Trump victory means the Democratic party becomes progressive fast, or dies.



Good Cop Bad Cop – American 21st century politics

Good cops = Democrats. Bad cops = Republicans.

The good-cop bad-cop game is a police interrogation technique, but can be used in other areas where deceptive coercion is desired, like politics.

The idea is that the “bad cop” is out-of-control and threatening, aggressive towards you in getting what they want. You’re supposed to be afraid of the bad cop and what they might do.

The bad cop sets the stage for the “good cop.”

The good cop steps in and holds them back, sympathetic to you and protecting you from that dangerous bad cop. In fear of the bad cop you cooperate with the good cop.

The thing is, both cops are doing the same thing, and the good cop protection is only an illusion. In the case of American politics, both cops are paid for to keep you (the public) fooled and compliant, and always in fear of the bad cop, who keeps getting their way.

This is how things went down during the Obama presidency and the Grand Bargain. The Republicans demand something outrageous, they want to cut Social Security and disability payments, they want to cut SNAP nutrition for the poor, they want to destroy the New Deal and all public service programs to end the menace of socialism.

Obama grudgingly compromises with them, giving them half of what they want. The Republicans come back.. that crazy Tea-Party wing isn’t satisfied, they want more; If Obama compromises, they might be willing to finally work with the president. Obama once again gives them more of what they want, and the game continues.

Thank goodness we had a Democrat as president to hold back those scary bad cops.

In good-cop bad-cop politics, those looking to escape the bad cop vote for the good cop out of fear, believing the illusion, but in the end it’s all a game and the good cop and the bad cop are exactly the same.


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Joe Biden not a populist. Then what’s he for?


In response to the Bernie Sanders campaign, Joe Biden recently came out saying “I am not a populist” to distance himself from it.

Oh no say it isn’t so Joe, because if you’re not a populist, then what do you stand for? If Biden disagrees with populism, then who is he working for exactly as vice president?

Economic populism is what the American people voted for when they put Obama and Biden in the White House. Economic populism is what shaped America in the 20th century. Economic populism prompted “we the people” to declare independence from British Monarchy. The French Revolution… that was serious economic populism.

Our vice president Joe Biden stands against all that.

It would seem his ‘i’m not that guy’ statement is part of the effort to portray Sanders as unrealistic and extremist. I guess for those who’s good fortune depends on plutocracy over the public interest, then economic populism is a very scary thing indeed.

Biden has a history of being seen by critics as too cozy with credit card companies during his 36 year tenure in the senate, credit being a powerful force in his home state of Delaware. Biden has backed bills designed to make it harder for Americans to reduce the burden of student debt.

Biden was put in charge of a special Middle Class Task Force by president Obama as soon as they took office. Since Biden isn’t a populist, there would appear to be a conflict of interest.

Haven’t heard much about Biden’s Middle Class Task Force since he was put in charge of it 7 years ago, in fact the Obama administration has seen further erosion of the middle class by the same policies pursued by their predecessors the Bush administration.

We can expect to see Bernie Sanders ganged-up on and portrayed as an unelectable extremist. Out-of-touch and unrealistic for even wanting to push in the direction of populism. A direction the democrats, republicans and big media are all dead set against, including Joe Biden.


A vote for Hillary is a vote for George W. Bush


The Democratic party is about fighting for workers and the middle class, right? They are the defenders of the vulnerable in our society, and they stand against corporate extremism, right?

Wrong, not this Democratic establishment.

It was Bill Clinton, perhaps more than any recent president, who helped make oligarchy a reality. Clinton deregulated the financial industry, and deregulated media to allow consolidated ownership in the hands of a few big players. We all know how that turned out for the American people.

After the disastrous results of these policies – policies farther to the right than Reagan – the Democrats learned from their mistakes and went back to their social democratic roots, right?

Not at all, just look at Obama’s record.

Obama extended the same policies pursued by the Bush administration. Stagnant wages continue, and destructive trade deals which decimate the middle class continued as Obama signed each and ever one put before him. Obamacare empowers big insurance over patients. Too-big-to-fail is bigger and more powerful than ever. No word about concentrated media from Obama, but apparently he supports illegal spying on every single American. Is this the leadership of a liberal democrat?

The same advisors under Bush kept the same policies running under Obama; We can expect the same from Hillary. The current democratic establishment are neoliberals, not social democrats. Neoliberalism is a far right wing ideology, unspoken and hidden from the official platform of any campaign, yet the guiding ethic of both political parties. They lie to the faces of their constituency, promising progress they never intend to deliver. Big money controls both parties. They win, we lose, every time.

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, the entire current democratic establishment seem to agree with the views of George W. Bush. Its a case of listen to what they do, not what they say.

So what does the average American do, seeing their lives trickle-down while the gains of our society trickle-up? If one’s stuck choosing between Clinton and Bush, there just isn’t enough difference between them.